Speed and Velocity Quiz with Answers

This is an online speed and velocity quiz with answers. In this quiz, we have only given questions related to the concept of speed and velocity. Here you can practice speed and velocity mcq and check your knowledge of these motion concepts.

All of the quiz questions are algebraic in nature and do not involve calculus or its concepts. To answer these questions, you must have a conceptual understanding of the concepts of speed and velocity.

To solve numerical problems, you will also need to remember the formulas for speed, velocity, average speed, and average velocity.

And apart from that, you must have a firm grasp of the concepts of distance and displacement. This is due to the fact that understanding the concepts of distance and displacement is required before understanding the concepts of speed and velocity.

Please note that answers to all the questions can be seen when you submit the quiz by clicking the “View Results” button at the end of the quiz. Hints and explanations to selected questions can also be viewed after submitting the quiz.

Speed and Velocity Quiz

1. Can a body move at a constant speed while varying in velocity?
2. An object is traveling with constant speed. This means that
3. 12 A train covers half of its journey with a speed of $20\;m/s$ and another half with a speed of $30\; m/s$. The average speed of the train during the whole journey is
4. A quantity has a value of -9m/s. It may be
5. Speed is
6. Which one of the following is not a unit of speed
7. Find the speed of the car that travels 80 miles west in 2.5 hours
8. Which one of the following is correct
9. 25 m/s due north is moving objects
10. If a particle covers equal distances in equal time intervals, it is said to
11. A car travels at a speed of 40 km/hr for the first half and 60 km/hr for the second. The vehicle's average speed is
12. An object travels 16 m in 4s, followed by another 16 m in 2s. What is the object's average speed?
13. Choose the correct statement
14. A person runs on a 300 m circular track and comes back to the starting point in 200 s. Calculate the average speed and average velocity.
15. A particle moves with a uniform velocity. Which of the following claims concerning particle motion is correct?
16. The velocity of an object is
17. 30 mph is an example of objects
18. John commutes from his home to the office in 1 hour and returns home in 1.5 hours without stopping. Determine John's average velocity if the distance between his home and office is 4 miles.
19. The velocity of a plane that traveled 4000 miles south in 4 hours
20. If a particle is moving in a straight line, the direction of initial velocity must be considered positive.

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