Centre of mass formula list with solved examples and problems

This article contains a list of the center of mass formulas along with some center of mass problems and examples. Center of mass formula list For a system of N particles,the position vector of center of mass is \[\vec{R}_{CM}=\frac{m_1\vec{r}_1+m_2\vec{r}_2+………..+m_N\vec{r}_N}{m_1+m_2+…..+m_N}=\frac{\sum_{i=1}^N{m_i\vec{r}_i}}{M}\] The position vector of … Read more

Electric charge concept

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Coherent Sources of light

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The maximum range of projectile formula

Let us consider a projectile projected with initial velocity \(v_{0}\) making an angle \(\theta_0\) with the horizontal as shown below in the figure. We know that the horizontal range of a projectile is the distance traveled by the projectile during its time of … Read more

Tricks to solve pulley problems

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