Newton’s Law of Motion Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Question 1 Friction force can be reduced to a great extent by (a) lubricating the two moving parts (b) using ball bearing between two moving parts (c) introducing a thin cushion of air maintained between two relatively moving surfaces (d) all the above  Question 2 Force exerted on a … Read more

Physics Equations Kinematics

The following are the important kinematics equations list. I will also provide a link to google docs file from where you can download the file as pdf (see at the end of the article). Physics – Kinematics Equations Average Velocity and speed \[v_{avg} = \frac{\Delta … Read more

Questions About Motion With Answers

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What is Distance and displacement in physics?

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How to find position in physics?

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Rest and Motion in Physics

Concept of rest and motion The concept of rest and motion is one of the basic concepts of physics and is introduced while studying kinematics. In simple terms, if an object is changing its position then it is in motion and if it does … Read more

How to find displacement on a position time graph

In this article, we will learn how to find displacement on a position-time graph. A position-time graph is a graph where the instantaneous position \(x\) of a particle is plotted on the y-axis and the time \(t\) on the x-axis. The position-time graph shows you … Read more