Inertia: Definition and Types with Examples

In this article, we will learn about Inertia, its definition, and types of inertia like the inertia of rest, motion, and direction along with the examples of each type of inertia. What is Inertia Inertia is described as a physical object’s resistance to … Read more

Examples of balanced forces

Let’s learn about the examples of balanced forces in this article. The universe is all about various kinds of forces acting all over space giving birth to new elements, planets, stars, and galaxies, and also responsible for destroying them. Forces don’t just act … Read more

What is Free Fall in Physics?

A frequent type of motion that almost everyone observes daily is freefall. When we drop something from a certain height, we can easily observe its motion. For many years in the past, many thinkers and scientists believed that the speed with which something … Read more

Examples of Uniform Motion

Uniform motion is everywhere around you and in nature. You can observe it almost everywhere be it the steady-state motion of automobiles, the periodic motion of the moon around the earth, and there can be many such examples if we look around us. … Read more

What type of force is gravitational force?

There are four fundamental forces in nature which we experience every day:- The strong force The weak force The gravitational force The electromagnetic force These four fundamental forces govern everything that happens in the universe. What is gravitational force? According to Newton’s law … Read more

Effects of Friction in our daily life

Friction can be defined as a force that tends to resist things from moving over any surface with which it is in contact. This happens due to small irregularities that every surface possesses no matter how much it is smoothened. To say in … Read more