Force due to interaction with examples

Force due to interaction means the force is applied by an interaction between objects. This interaction between objects may be physical or non-physical. In this article learn about force due to interaction with the help of examples.

Force is applied by interaction

In your day-to-day life, you must have noticed that things do not happen on their own for example books kept on the table would not change their position until you push them. Another such example is if you stand in front of a door it would not open or close by itself. You have to open the door by force. Either you will push the door or pull the door to open it. So you are applying force on the door to open it.

Forces due to interaction
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Another example you can consider is drawing water from the well. Now bucket full of water does not come up to you on its own until and unless you start by pulling it upwards by applying some force.

So, in the case of both opening the door and drawing water from the well you are interacting with these objects so that force can come into play. 
So, we can conclude that at least two objects must interact for a force to play a role. Interaction between the objects can be physical or non-physical.

Physical Interaction: Physical interactions take place when objects are in contact with each other. for example pulling a rope, hitting a ball with a bat, etc.

Non-Physical interaction: In the case of non-physical interactions objects interacting are not in contact with each other (see more at non-contact forces). Some examples are Magnetic force, electrostatic force, gravitational force, etc.

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