Force and Laws of Motion

On this page find all the study material we have related to Force and Laws of motion. Force is a basic concept of physics and laws of motion describes how forces acting on a body cause a change in the state of rest or motion of the body.

Force Articles

  1. Force Push and Pull
  2. Force due to interaction 
  3. Force Formula
  4. Pressure and its applications in daily life
  5. How to find Velocity From Force and Distance
  6. acceleration formula with mass and force
  7. What are balanced and unbalanced forces?
  8. Examples of balanced forces
  9. Examples of unbalanced forces with explanation
  10. Is weight a vector or scalar?
  11. What is the effect of reducing friction on a machine?
  12. What is Inertia?
  13. Law of Inertia
  14. Types of Inertia

Force and Laws of Motion Questions

  1. Newton’s Law of Motion MCQ
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