Effect Of Force

In this article, we will learn about the effect of force. We would learn what happens when force acts on various bodies or objects. In our daily life, we can see a lot of examples of the application of force. Force is everywhere.

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The force is applied by an interaction between objects. So, we can say that force occurs due to interaction. his interaction between objects might be push or pull. 

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Force occurs due to interaction

Force also acts on objects due to phenomena like gravity, magnetism, etc. 

Effect of Force

Let us now have a look at the effect caused by the application of force on objects.

  • The effect of force on any object is to change its state of rest or motion. When an object is in a state of motion
    • Force applied to an object of a certain mass can cause the object to accelerate.
    • Force applied to an object can change the direction of motion of moving objects.
  • Any Force applied to an object can also change its shape.
Effect of force concept map
Effect of force concept map

Force can change the state of motion 

  • Force acting on an object can make an object at rest to move. For example, if you kick a stationary ball it starts moving.
  • Force can change the position of rest. For example, If you pick up a book and move it from the table to the chair kept nearby then you have changed the position of the book from the table to the chair. This is done by applying the force to lift the book.
  • Force can change the speed of a moving object. In a game of football players can kick the moving ball in the same direction to make it move fast. Similarly, when a goalkeeper stops the ball it applies force in a direction opposite to the direction of the motion of the ball. This force applied in the opposite direction to the direction of motion slows down the ball and eventually stops it in the end.
  • Force can change the direction of motion of moving objects. For example, While playing tennis games if you hit a tennis ball coming towards you with a tennis bat then it begins to move in a different direction. Here you have applied force on the ball and this force has changed the direction of motion of the tennis ball. 
Tennis player hitting the ball and subsequently changing the direction of the ball.
Force can change the direction of motion

Force can change the shape of an object

  • Force can change the shape and size of an object. Some examples include
  • Squeezing a sponge changes its shape.
  • When we pull a rubber band or spring they become longer than their usual size. If we stop pulling them then they regain their original size.
  • You can change the shape of a ball of dough by rolling it using a rolling pin.
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