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Physics has been one of the toughest subjects for the school and college students and a student preparing for Competitive examinations. Students face lots of problems in this area. They got stuck on a program and don’t find a way to get out of it. They got tired of cramming solutions and seek a better understanding of the subject. They have to purchase a lot of books to get various types of problems which involve high costs. They are quite nervous about homework & Examination.

With this blog, we are targeting to provide short and precise material to the Student community. We aim to provide lots of questions ranging from easy to tough so as to give the student the feel the examination. We have tried to give the material

We are a team of experts in physics qualification ranging from Engineer to M.Sc. physics. Our motto is to give precise, short and quality material to students

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I have completed my masters in physics in 2005 and since then have been writing for several blogs and websites. I love writing and explaining physics content in easy to understand language.