Force Push and Pull : Definition and Examples

You can find forces everywhere. We use force to do things like lifting things up, opening and closing doors, hammering a nail, etc. Looking around yourself you can find numerous other examples where force is used to perform different tasks.

What is a force?

Force is defined as a push or pulls on an object. Force can change the shape of the object on which it is applied. Force can also change the state of motion (i.e., from rest to moving) and direction of the motion.

Push and pull forces definition

Push and pull force act in different directions. The main difference between pull and push force is because of the direction of force with respect to the object that exerts force.
Consider a tug of war game. In order to win the game, you have to pull the long rope used in the game. Here you are exerting force by pulling the rope towards yourself. So in pull force direction of force is towards the object exerting the force.
Consider a situation when your car got stuck and sometimes you have to apply a force on the car from the back in order to start it. In this case, you are applying a push force that is moving the car away from you. So, in push force, the direction of force is away from the object that is exerting the force. 

Push force definition

When we apply force in a direction away from us then it is called push force.
Example:- Closing a drawer, kicking a football

Pull force definition

When we apply force in a direction towards us it is known as pull force.
Example:- Opening a drawer, lifting a bag.

5 examples of push and pull forces

Examples of push force

  1. Feet pushing ground while walking.
  2. Player pushing ball in a football game
  3. Closing a drawer
  4. Pushing a chair
  5. Typing on keyboard

Examples of pull force

  1. Pulling window curtain
  2. Pulling the rope in a tug of war
  3. Drawing bucket of filled with water from the well
  4. Lifting a bag
  5. Opening a drawer

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