What are Dielectrics

  • A dielectric is an insulating material in which all nuclei are tightly bound to the nuclei of the atom.
  • There are no free electrons in a dielectric material so they can not carry current.
  • Electric conductivity of a dielectric material is very low and that of an ideal dielectric is zero.
  • Some examples of dielectric materials are glass, plastic, mica, oil etc.
  • Dielectric constant of a material is the ratio of the capacitance of the capacitor completely filled with the material to the capacitance of the same capacitor in the vacuum i.e. dielectric constant K=C/C0.
  • If the space between a capacitor is filled with a dielectric material capacitance of the capacitor increases.
  • The value of dielectric constant K is independent of the shape and size of the capacitor and its value is different for different insulating materials.

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