Sample questions for AISSCE board exams

Try to solve these questions on your own in my net post I'll publish 3 marks and 5 marks sample questions.
Question 1. W cm apart on a hat is the amount of work done in moving 100 nC charge between two points 5 cm apart on an equipotential surface?                                           1
Question 2. What is the value of refractive index of medium of polarising angle 60 degree?                                1
Question 3. State two factors on which temperature of inversion of a thermocouple may depend.                              1
Question 4. In which direction would a compass needle align if taken to geographic (i) north and (ii) south pole?                                     1
Question 5. The instantaneous voltage from an a.c. source is given by E=300 sin 314t . What is the r.m.s. voltage of the source?                                             1
Question 6. Compare the radii of two nuclei with mass number 1 and 27 respectively.                                           1
Question 7. How does energy gap in an intrinsic semiconductor vary, when doped with a pentavalent impurity.                                                      1
Question 8. If the temperature of good conductor increases, how does the relaxation time of electrons in the conductor change.                          1
Question 9. Draw a labelled ray digram shwing the formation of image using a Newtonian type reflecting telescope.                                           2
Question 10. The output voltage of an ideal transformer, connected to a 240 V a.c. is 24 V. When transformer is used to light a bulb with rating 24 V , 24 W, calculate the current in the primary coil of the circuit.                                                     2
Question 11. Can magnetic field set a resting electron into motion.                                 2
Question 12. You are given two niclei 3X7 and 3Y4. Are they isotopes of same element? State the resion . Which one of the two nuclei is likely to be more stable.                                                              2
Question 13. A heater coil is rated 100 W , 200 V. It is cut into two identical parts. Both parts are connected togather in parallel , to the same source of 200 V. Calculate the energy librated per second in new combination.                                                          2
Question 14. A charge q moving in a straight line is accelerated by potential difference V. It enters uniform magnetic field B perpandicular to its path . Deduce in terms of V an expression for the radius of circular path in which it travels.                                2
Question 15. State the reason for the following observations recorded from the surface of the moon:
(i) sky appears dark
(ii) rainbow is never formed.
Question 16. Write any three characterstics , a ferromagnetic substance should posess , if it is to be used to make a permanent magnet. Give one example of such material.                      2
Question 17. The value of ground state of hydrogen atom is -13.6 eV.
(i) What does the negative sign signify.
(ii) how much energy is required to take an electron in this atom from ground state to the first exited state.                2

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