Properties of light

1. Speed of light is greatest in the vacuum and it approximate value is 3 x 108. This value of speed of light is same for all wavelengths.
2. light has got dual nature i.e., sometimes it acts as particles and sometimes a s waves depending on the situation for example Einstein photoelectric effect experiment establishes particle properties of waves and experiments like interference and diffraction of waves establishes wave nature of light.
3. Light waves does not require any medium for its propagation.
4. When light waves travels from one medium to another it's frequency remains unchanged however its wavelength and speed do changes with the change of medium.
5. Frequency of light determines its frequency.
6. Light follows the path along which it takes less time to travel from one place to another i.e., it travels in accordance to Fermat's principle.
7. All bodies which emits light are known as sources of light and light sources can be of any shape or size.
8. When a source of light possess its own it is termed as luminious for example sun and if it does not have its own light but it visible because of reflected light from it then it is known as non luminous source of light for example human body etc..

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