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Hi all given below are 10 Conceptual Questions you can use to test your knowledge. First solve them all then check them by answers given below.
Question 1.
The dispersion of light in a medium implies that
(a) Lights of different wavelengths travell with different speeds in the medium.
(b) Lights of different frequencies travell with different speeds in the medium.
(c) The refractive index of medium is different for different wavelengths of light.
(d) All of the above

Question 2.
Two waves of intensities I and 4I superpose then maximum and minimum intensities are
(a) 5I, 3I
(b) 9I, I
(c) 9I, 3I
(d) 5I, I

Question 3.
During the X-Ray emission , if the voltage is increased
(a) minimum wavelength decreases
(b) minimum wavelength increases
(c) intensity decreases
(d) intensity increases

Question 4.
The electron in hydrogen atom makes a transition from an excited state to ground state. Which of the following statements is true?
(a) Its Kinetic energy increases and its potential and total energy decreases.
(b) Its Kinetic energy decreases and its potential energy increases and its total energy remains the same.
(c) Its kinetic and total energy decreases and its potential energy increases.
(d) Its kinetic, potential and total energy decreases.

Question 5.
The magnitude of emf across the secondary coil of transformer depends on
(a) the magnitude of emf applied across the primary
(b) the number of turns in the primary
(c) the enumber of turns in the secondary
(d) The resistance of primary and secondary

Question 6.
A constant voltage is applied between the two ends of uniform metallic wire. Some heat is developed in it. The heat developed is doubled if
(a) both the lengtha and radius of wire are halved
(b) both the length and radius of wire are doubled
(c) the radius of the wire is doubled
(d) the length of wire is doubled

Question 7.
A. Frictional forces are conservative forces
B. Potential energy can be associated with frictional forces
(a) A and B both are true and B is correct explaination of A
(b) A and B are true but B is not a correct explaination of A
(c) A is wrong and B is correct
(d) both A and B are wrong

Question 8.
A solid sphere and a hollow sphere of same material and size are heated to the same temperature and allowed to be cooled in the same surroundings. If the temperature difference between the surroundings and each sphere is T, then
(a) The hollow sphere will cool at a faster rate for all values of T.
(b) The solid sphere will cool at faster rate for all values of T
(c) both spheres will cool at same rate for all values of T.
(d) both sphere will cool at the same rate only for small values of T.

Question 9.
The moment of inertia of semicircular disc of mass M and radius R about a line perpandicular to the plane of the disc and passing through its centre is
(a) MR2/2
(b) 3MR2/2
(c) 5MR2/4
(d) MR2

Question 10.
A uniform wire of cross-sectional area A and Young's modulus Y is stretched within the elastic limits. If S is the stress in the wire then the elastic energy density stored in the wire in terms of given parameter is
(a) S/2Y
(b) 2Y/S2
(c) S2/2Y
(d) S2/Y

All the very best for your competitive exams.
Physics Expert

1. (d)
2. (b)
3. (a)
4. (a)
5. (a), (b), (c)
6. (b)
7. (d)
8. (c)
9. (a)
10. (c)

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