IITJEE PHYSICS TESTSERIES:30 Min Objective Test series of Mechanics for IIT/AIEEE/PMT

Multiple choice question with one or more answer

1. A body of mass m is dropped from a certain height.it has velocity v1 when it is at a height h1 above the ground.it has velocity v2 when it is at a height h2 above the ground.which of the following is true
c. v1-v2=√2g(√h2-√h1)
d. v1-v2=√2g(√h1-√h2)

2.A pendulum has a length l.Its bob is pulled aside from its equilibrium position through any angle θ and then released.The speed of the bob when its passes through it equalibrium position
b. √2gl(1-cosθ)

3.A rockets works on the principle of conservation of
a. Linear momentum
d. angular momentum

4.A flat car of weight W roll without resistance along on a horizontal track .Intially the car together with weight w is moving to the right with speed v.What invcrement of the velocity car will obtain if man runs with speed reltaive to the floor of the car and jumps of f at the left?
b. Wu/W+w
c. (W+w)u/w
d. none of the above

5.By means of rope ,a body of weight W is moved vertically upward with constant acceleration.Find the tensile force in the rope
a. W(1+a/g)
b W(1-a/g)
c W
d. none of the above

6.The displacement of a particle moving in straight line depends on time t as

which of the follwing is true
a. Intial acceleration depends on b only
b Intial velocity depends on c only
c. Intial displacement is d
d. Ratio of intial velocity /intial acceleration depends on a and c

7.A delivery boy wishes to launch a 2.0 kg package up an inclined plane with sufficent speed to reach the top of the incline.The plane is 3 mlong and is inclined at 20.Coefficent of friction between the package and the inclined plane is .40. what minimum intial KE must the boy suply to the package given as sin20=.342 cos20=.940
a 40 J
b. 42.2 J
c. 42.6 J
d. 45 J

8.A given object takes n times as much times to slide down a 45 rough incline as its takes to slide down a perfectly smooth 45 incline.The coefficent f kinectic friction between the objects and incline is gievn by.
a. 1/(1-n2)
c. √1/(1-n2)
d. √(1-1/n2)

9.A uniform chain of length L is lying on the horizontal surface of a table.If the coefficent of friction between the chain and the table top is μ. what is the maximum length of the chain that can hang over the edge of the table without disturbing the rest of the chain on table.?
b. μL/(1+μ)
c. L/(1-μ)
d. μL/(1-μ)

10.The coefficent of static and kinectic friction between a body and the surface are .75 and .50 respectively.A force is applied to the body to make it just slide with a constant acceleration which is
a. g/4
b g/2
c. 3g/4
d g

1 b

3. a

4. a

5. a

6. a,b,c

7. b

8. b

9. b


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