IITJEE Test series Electric Potential

Multiple choice question with only one answer

1.The elctrical potential energy of an islolated metal sphere of radius R and total Charge Q
a. Q2/4πεR
b. Q2/8πεR
c. Q2/2πεR
d. Q2/16πεR

2. A electric dipole is placed at +q(-a,0) and -q(a,o) in the xy plane.Find the workdone by the electric lines on charge which is moved from point (0,a) to (0,-a).
a. zero
b. p/4πεr2
c. -p/4πεr2
d. none of the above

3.Find the electric field at the centre of the uniformly charged semicircular arc of of Radius R and linear charge density λ
c. λ/πεa
d. none of these

4.An electric dipole placed in a uniform electric field experiences
a. A torque but no force
b A force but no torque
c. Both force and torque
d neither a force and torque

5.A charge q is placed at the center of the line joining two equal charges Q.The system of three charges will be in equilibrium if q equal is
a. -Q/2
b. Q/2
c. Q/4
d. -Q/4

Multiple choice questions with one or more answer

6.Choose the correct statement
a.if electric field is zero at the point then electric potential must be also zero at that point
b.Two diffrent equipotential surface can intersect
c.if electric potential is constant in a given region then electric field must be zero in that region
d. Electrons move from higher potential to lower potential

7.A spherical conductor shell has charge Q on it and Radius of the spherical shell is R
a. Electric potential decrease with 0< r < infinity
b Electric field decrease with with 0< r < infinity
c Electric potential is non zero constant for 0< r < =R and decrease for R< r < infinity
d Electric field is zero for 0< r < =R and decrease for R< r < infinity

8.Electric potential V(x,y) of a electrostatic field E=a(yi +xj) where a is constant
d. None of the these

Assertion and Reason
a) Statement I is true ,statement II is true ,statement II is correct explanation for statement I
b) Statement I is true ,statement II is true ,statement II is not a correct explanation for statement I
c) Statement I is true,Statement II is false
d) Statement I is False,Statement II is True

STATEMENT I:Electrix flux through any closed surface around point charge is independent of the size and shape

STATEMENT I:Electric potential inside the spherical conductor shell is nonzero constant
STATEMENT II:Electric field inside the shell is zero

STATEMENT I:Electric Field on the surface of a conductor is less at the sharp corners

STATEMENT II: Surface charge density on conductor surface is inversely proportional to the radius of curvature

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