IIT JEE Test Series(Electricity-1)

Multiple choice question with only one answer

1.A rod lies along the x-axis with one end at the origin and other at x->∞it caries a uniform charge λ C/m.Find the electric field at the point x=-a on the x-axis
a. -(λ/4πε0a)i
c. (λ/4πε0a)i
d. (λ/4πε0a2)i

2.Twelve charges of charge q are situated at the corners of the 12 sided polygon of side a.What is the net force on the charge Q at the center
a. Zero
b. 3qQ/πε0a2
c. qQ/πε0a2
d None of the above

3.Two positive point charge are placed at the distance a apart have sum Q.What values of the charges,coulumb force between them is maximum
b. q1=3Q/4 ,q2=Q/4
c. q1=5Q/6 ,q2=Q/6
d Non of the above

4.A metallic shell having inner radius R1 and outer radii R2 has a point charge Q kept inside the cavity.Electric field in the region R1 < r < R2 where r is the distance from the center is given by
a depends on the value of r
b zero
c, Constant and nonzero everywhere
d. None of the above

5.Consider two statements
A)The force with which two charges interact is not changed by the presence of the other charges
B)Electric force expierenced by the charge particle due to number of fixed point charges is vector resultant of the forces expierence due to individual charges
a) A and B both are correct
b) A is correct only
c) B is correct only
d. A and B both are wrong

Multiple choice question with more than one answer

6)A metallic sold sphere of radius R is given the charge Q.Which of the following statement is true then
a) Electric field at points 0< r < R is zero
b) Charge Q is on the outer surface of the sphere
c) Electric field at r>R is given by Q/4πε0r2
d) Electric field is perpendicular to the surface of the sphere

7)A simple pendulum consists of a small sphere of mass and posutive charge q is suspended by the string of length L.The pendulum is placed in the electric field of strength E directed vertically downwards.Which of the following is true
a)Time period of oscillation=T=2π√L/(g+qE/m)
b)Time period of oscillation=T=2π√L/(g-qE/m)
c) Tension in the string when the pendulum is at rest =mq+qE
d)Tension in the string when the pendulum is at rest =mq-qE

8)A rod lies on the x-axis with end end at x=-L and other end at x=L with uniform charge λ C/m.Which of the following is true
a.Electric field at any point (0,y) on the y-axis is given by
b. For point on the Y-axis greater than y>>>>L
c. Electric field if L->∞
d. None of the above

9. A particle of mass m and charge q is thrown horizontally with a velocity v from top of the building of height H.An electric field exists in the plane and it is horizontally away from the building
which of the following is true
a) Range of the particle is greater than v√(2H/g)
b) Time of flight is √(2H/g)
c) Path is parabolic
d None of the above

Assertion and Reason
a) Statement I is true ,statement II is true ,statement II is correct explanation for statement I
b) Statement I is true ,statement II is true ,statement II is not a correct explanation for statement I
c) Statement I is true,Statement II is false
d) Statement I is False,Statement II is True

STATEMENT I:There is no electric field in conducter in electrostatics
STATEMENT II:There are plenty of free electron in the conductor which moves in such a way to cancel all the electric field

STATEMENT I:Coulumb law of forces are a action reaction pair
STATEMENT II:Coulumb law of forces are non conservative in nature

STATEMENT I:Two electric lines of forces never intersect
STATEMENT II:Electric lines of forces originate from -ve charge and terminate on +ve charge

STATEMENT I:Excess charge given to conductor always reside on the outer surface
STATEMENT II:E is zero inside the bulk material of the conductor

Matrix Match type
14) A metallic shell is having a charge q at the center.Column I gives the location of the charge,Column II defines the charge distribution on the surface due to the charge.You have to match the statement in Column I to column II

Column I
A) q is at the center
B) q is displaced from the center
C) An excess charge Q is given to the metallic shell
D) An Charge Q is placed near the shell

Column II
P)Charge distribution is uniform at the inner surface of the metallic shell
Q)Charge distribution is non uniform at the inner surface of the metallic shell
R)Charge distribution is uniform at the outer surface of the metallic shell
S)Charge distribution is non uniform at the outer surface of the metallic shell

Linked Comprehension Type

A electric charge q of mass m is projected horizontally with a velocity v in the Uniform elctric field which occupies limited space in the region.Electric field E is vertically upwards.And the limited region of the electric field is of length a.Assuming X axis as horizontal and Y-axis as vertical.And let us assumes charge start from origin in the electric field.
Answer following question based on this

15)Horizontal components and Vertical components of the velocity when it passes through the end of the field i.e at x=a

16) Equation of the motion of the particle
a) staright line
b) parabola
c) circle
d) none of the above

17) if the charge get deflected by angle α when it comes out of electric field ,then which one is true
a) tanα=qEa/mv2
b) tanα=qEa/mv
c) sinα=qEa/mv
d) sinα=qEa/mv2


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