Multiple Choice questions of wave for NEET and JEE

1. The amplitude of a wave disturbance propagating in the positive direction is given by y=1/(1+x2) at time t=0 and by y=1/[1+(x-5)2] at t=5 seconds where x and y are in meters.The shape of the wave disturbance does not change during the propagation.The velocity of the wave is
a. 1 m/sec
b. 1.5 m/sec
c. .5 m/sec
d. 2 m/s

2.A transverse wave in a medium is described by the equation

The magnitude of the maximum velocity of particles in the medium is equal to that of the wave velocity.if the value of A is
b λ/4π
c. λ/π
d 2λ/π

3.A plane progressive wave is represented by the equation

The equation of the wave with triple of the amplitude and double the frequency
a. y=3cos(4πt-πx)
b. y=3cos(5πt-πx)
c. y=3cos(4πt+πx)
d. y=3cos(3πt-πx)

4. In the above example ,The equation of wave with double of the amplitude and double the frequency but travelling in the opposite direction
a. y=2cos(4πt+πx)
b. y=2cos(5πt-πx)
c. y=2cos(4πt-πx)
d. y=2cos(3πt-πx)

5.The displacement of a particle having wave motion given by
This expression may be considered to be a result of the superposition of how many wave motions
a. one
b Two
c. Three
d. Five

6.A wave is represented by the equation
y=(1mm)sin[(60 s-1)t+(4 m-1)x]

which one of the following is true
a. Frequency =30/π
b Amplitude=.001mm
c. Maximum Velocity of the Particle 60 mm/sec
d. wave velocity is 100m/s

7.the displacement of the particles in a string streched in the x-direction is represented by y.Among the following expressions for y,those describing wave motion ares
a. cospxsinqt
b p2x2-w2t2
d. cos(p2x2-w2t2)

8.A transverse wave on a string,the string displacement is described as

where a is negative constant
which of the following is true
a. The Shape of the string at t=0 is y=/1+x2
b. The shape of the waveform does not change as its move along the string
c Waveform moves in the -x direction
d. The speed of the waveform is |a|

1.Ans a

2.Ans b

3.Ans a

4. Ans a

5.Ans 3

6.Ans a and c

7.Ans a

8.Ans a,b,c,d

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