Conceptual Questions For Waves

1. Transverse wave velocity in a stretched string depends on
a. frequency of wave
b. tension
c. length of string
d. linear mass density string

2. A transverse wave travels along the x axis.The particles of the medium must move
a. Along the z-axis
b Along the x-axis
c. In the Y-Z plane
d. Along the y axis

3.What is true for a standing wave on the string
a.All the particles are never at rest simultaneously
b. In one complete cycle,all the particles cross their mean position simultaneously twice
c. In one complete cycle,all the particles cross their mean position simultaneously once
d. All the particles acquire their positive extreme positions simultaneously once in a cycle

4.Choose the incorrect one
a. When a ultrasonic wave travels from air into water.It bends towards the normal to the air-water interface
b.Any function of the form y(x,t)=f(vt+x) represents a travelling wave
c.the velocity ,wavelenght and frequency of wave undergo change when it is reflected from a surface
d. None of the above

5.Match the following with the types of the wave

A) Thermal radiation received from the sun
B)Sound waves produced by the vibrating string of guitar
C) Radio waves sent out from broadcasting station
D)X Rays
E) Waves produced in the air by the vibrating tuning fork

P) longitudinal
Q) Transverse

6. Which of the following functions represent a travelling wave
a. y=pcos(qx)sin(rt)
b. y=psin(qx+rt)
c. y=psin(qx-rt)
d. none of the above

7. Which of the following is not a standing wave
a. y=pcos(qx)sin(rt)
b. y=psin(qx+rt)+psin(qx-rt)
c. y=psin(qx+rt)
d Non of the above

8. When a wave is refracted into another medium which of the following will change
a. Velocity
b. Frequency
c. Phase
d. Amplitude

9.A pipe closed at one end and open at other will give
a. All even harmonics
b, All odd harmonics
c. All the harmonics
d. None of the harmonics

10. To raise the pitch of a stringed musical instrument ,the player can
a. Lossen the string
b. Tighten the string
c. Shorten the string
d. Lengthen the string

1.Ans. b,d

2. Ans c

3.Ans b,d


5.Ans A-Q,B-P,C-Q,D-Q,E-P

6. ans b,c

7. Ans c

9.Ans c

10. Ans b,c

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